Granicus security

Rest assured that your data and information are secure.

Our technology meets the highest security standards, suitable for all levels of government

We are ISO27001-certified. We’ve been security reviewed and approved by hundreds of public sector bodies in the UK, and thousands in the US and Europe, including at the highest level of federal government.


Maximum security

Communications need to be both secure and accessible. Our technologies come with multi-factor authentication for all administrators, giving you peace of mind that your account is safe and secure.

Your shared responsibility

During initial implementation and training, the customer is advised of the security options they have, and best practices that support the integrity of the system. Every individual administrator on the system is provided with personal credentials, and shared accounts are strongly discouraged.

Customers have access to administrator activity reports, and are educated on how to disallow access to specific users (in the event, for example, they are terminated). Our security architecture ensures that each account is maintained in its own private area, and each of our customers has a responsibility to ensure that its own organisation follows our recommended best practices.