Granicus connects a powerful network of 11.5 million citizens for more than 150 organisations across government and the wider public sector in the UK. Globally, we help 4,000 organisations engage 160 million people. Our goal is to help the public sector improve its communication, manage meetings and agendas more easily, and increase the use of digital services to boost citizen engagement.

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Trusted by 150 UK public sector organisations and 4,000+ worldwide.

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    Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Transacting online

7 essential steps to increase the use of digital services

It’s all very well building a shiny new portal or slick website that promises an easy customer experience AND efficiency savings for your organisation, but what if no one knows it exists? What if it goes unused? These were questions asked during the “If You Build It, Will They Come?” workshop at the 2018 Granicus… Get more from Reach the Public »

Keep it local

Keep it real with creativity and humour in communications

I once asked a sculptor how they were so good at sculpting. “I take a block of stone”, came their reply, “work out what it should look like and then get rid of all the bits that don’t look like that”. They didn’t see what they did as creative; they simply saw something and then… Get more from Reach the Public »