[Webinar] Develop an Effective Communications Strategy

The most popular breakout session at the 2018 Granicus Summit in Washington DC, “Develop an Effective Communications Strategy”, is back by popular demand.

Unlocking the ability to connect with your audience is a process, and requires a dedicated strategy. Watch this free on-demand webinar to hear from digital engagement experts who will discuss the core components of a successful communications strategy. You’ll also be guided through how to implement some of the recommended practices in the GovDelivery Communications Cloud by Granicus.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Develop your core audience groups, as well as their preferred comms channels and content types.
  • Create a citizen communication journey map based on citizen engagement.
  • Design communication tactics to fit your audience’s needs.

The case study examples shared are from US government organisations, however the best practice tips could be applied to comms objectives here in the UK too – we hope you find the webinar interesting!

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