When severe weather comms get you a “hug” from the public

Helping hand

Heatwaves, storms, snow, and other extreme weather events can disrupt vital public services, make vulnerable people even more vulnerable, and put communities in precarious situations. One thing is for sure. When unusual events occur, citizens, businesses, and the media turn to the public sector as a voice of authority, in search of information. And that… Read more »

Capturing new subscribers during severe weather

winter weather contingency

When severe weather hits, citizens come looking for information about public service changes and closures. For many residents, it’s the first time they’re visiting their council’s website, so it’s a huge opportunity for councils to capture new subscribers who they otherwise may not have engaged. For example, already in the last 24 hours (before any snowfall… Read more »

When government communications matter most

Comms channels

This year’s hurricane season in the Atlantic basin has been hyperactive, featuring the highest total accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) and, as of October 2017, the highest number of major hurricanes since 2005. It comprises the greatest number of consecutive hurricanes in the satellite era, with Franklin through to Ophelia all reaching winds of at least… Read more »