GovDelivery Communications Suite

Connect directly with citizens and increase engagement.

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More than 160 public sector organisations in the UK and 4,000 worldwide use our end-to-end communications solutions to engage more citizens, increasing the take-up of services and programme participation. Already our network connects 11.5 million citizens in the UK. The GovDelivery Communications Suite focuses on growing your digital audience to help you inform, educate and convert more people to action.

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GovDelivery Communications Cloud core capabilities

The GovDelivery Communications Cloud is the only digital communications platform exclusively helping government (and the wider public sector) inform, engage, and convert 150 million citizens to action via strategic use of email, text messaging and social media. In the UK, 11.5 million citizens are connected via our unique network. Unlike private sector marketing technology, the GovDelivery Communications Cloud is the only platform secure enough to be used exclusively by government and proven to double audiences within the first year.

Maximum security

Granicus is compliant with ISO 27001 and our solutions are available through the G-Cloud framework on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace. We’ve been approved by hundreds of public sector bodies in the UK, and thousands in the US and Europe, including for use at the highest level of federal government.

GovDelivery Network

As the largest provider of communications solutions to the public sector, the GovDelivery Network enables organisations to reach their audiences at an unprecedented pace and scale. The GovDelivery Network is a powerful community of 11.5 million citizens in the UK and 150 million citizens worldwide; a captive audience for government communicators.

Premium modules

Communications Cloud Professional Package

Take your Communications Cloud capabilities up a notch, without making more work for yourself. Your organisation can meet and exceed citizen expectations for digital engagement in an efficient way.

  • Dynamically segment your audience
  • Add personalisation to improve engagement rates
  • Automate message testing and sending
  • Auto-initiate campaigns by schedule or activity

With the Connect add-on, your team will be able to track citizen engagement with your communications in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce). Connect enables you to:

  • Sync contact information from your CRM and reporting data from GovDelivery Communications Cloud
  • Create a 360-degree view of the citizen experience, tying interaction with your digital communications with other types of data (licensing history, locational data etc.)
Targeted Messaging

Whether it’s an alert to renew a service subscription or a reminder to pay a bill, one-to-one messaging is critical to increasing the rate of on-time successful transactions across the public sector. Granicus’ Targeted Messaging Service (TMS) allows millions of personalised messages to be sent at once so your organisation can:

  • Deliver and track transactional emails and SMS messages
  • Focus on core business logic and operational needs, such as enrolment, licensing, or renewals
  • Guarantee message delivery – you’re using the leading government communications infrastructure with superior delivery, reliability and tracking
  • Save postage and employee resource costs
  • Increase the likelihood of timely citizen action / transactions
  • Reduce the need for more costly recovery action and avoidable contact when deadlines are not met
Interactive Text

Ninety-three per cent of British adults own a mobile phone, and research shows that the average text is read within five seconds. Text messaging also sees high engagement rates, with one in three admitting they can’t go more than 10 minutes without responding to a text. With Interactive Text you can reach your audience, gather citizen feedback, follow up on programme involvement, or identify which customers / cases need further attention.

  • Receive actionable feedback on critical initiatives
  • Invite anyone to participate and easily submit feedback
  • Recruit and enrol programme participants on the spot
  • Engage hard-to-reach groups and people with low literacy levels
Digital Engagement and Learning Services


Our digital marketing, learning development and business intelligence experts can support your work to:

  • Grow your audience reach
  • Manage digital campaigns using advanced tactics
  • Leverage analytics that matter most
  • Increase your impact
  • Create and deploy engaging learning materials and experiences for citizens, businesses and staff
  • Manage multi-pronged projects to drive better outcomes