Email Ad Programme for Granicus Customers

New opportunity for Granicus customers to generate income

After a successful pilot project in 2017, Granicus has partnered with the Council Advertising Network (CAN) to manage and implement an email advertising programme for its customers. This is a hassle-free opportunity for you to generate external income for your organisation, and offset the cost of your GovDelivery Communications Cloud licence fee.

Download this summary resource to learn everything you need to know about the advertising programme and how to be part of it. Start generating income from your email bulletins by opting in to this programme now.

Reasons to opt in to the programme:

  • It’s free and flexible
  • Zero work required from you
  • Proven channel with substantial financial reward potential
  • You remain in control of the ads appearing in your comms
  • A chance to be part of a “network” that attracts advertisers with big budgets and greater ROI
  • No impact on unsubscribe rate

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