A Nudge in the Right Direction – Behaviour Change Case Studies

Tune in to this one-hour live webinar to hear from three communications managers leading behavioural change campaigns targeting the public, drivers, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Join us for a discussion about which communication tactics resonate with different audiences, and how marketing automation techniques can help move more people from awareness, to deeper understanding, and then to positive action.

Find out how a proactive approach to reaching and educating target audiences is helping to reduce risky behaviours, increase law-compliance, and ultimately keep people safe.

You will learn from:

  • Damien Currie, Communications Manager, Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain
    Hear how the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain are engaging with 82k commercial vehicle owners to promote ongoing compliance with safety standards.
  • Kirsty Edwards, Senior External Communications Manager, Intellectual Property Office
    Learn how the Intellectual Property Office is using marketing automation to educate businesses and prompt behavioural changes that create a fair, safe, prosperous, and law-compliant marketplace.
  • James Morton, External Communications Manager, Hampshire Fire and Rescue
    Find out how Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service turned its problems with drivers into an award-winning online campaign to help change parking decisions for the better: #INeedMySpace.

Pick up practical tips for:

  • Increasing engagement with initiatives
  • Connecting with diverse audiences
  • Driving awareness > understanding > real action
  • Gathering audience feedback
  • Testing and refining your strategy

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