Questions and answers from December’s A/B testing webinar

In December’s webinar “Creating a Culture of Testing: 30 Tests in 30 Minutes,” speakers Huw Ap Dewi of Wrexham County Borough Council in Wales and Madeline O’Phelan with GovDelivery discussed how to use testing tactics like A/B testing to improve digital metrics that lead to stronger outcomes. The audience submitted a number of great questions, and without… Read more »

Incremental gains and survival of local government

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about our desire to focus on the big innovations as a sector. It’s long been accepted that small changes to how things are done will not deliver the savings which are needed across local government; no, it’s big, bold, organisation changing projects and programmes which are the order of… Read more »

6 simple A/B testing options for beginners

Image of email metrics going up

Your organization spends massive amounts of time putting together information to benefit the people it serves, and as a sophisticated communicator you likely have strong instincts on best practices. But relying on instincts alone can be frustrating when they don’t produce the results you’re looking for. The good news? It’s easier now than ever to… Read more »