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Security for citizens starts with your organisation


We talk a lot about security here at Granicus, whether it’s our FedRAMP-compliance or our processes for staying ISO 27001-compliant… but so what? Why put so much time, effort and money into security even at the local government level? Two reasons: The threat to government organisations of all sizes is higher than for the private… Read more »

Surviving and thriving when budgets are tight


Across the public sector, communications teams are still feeling the pinch of austerity and reduced funding. The status quo continues to be about trying to do the same (or sometimes even more) with less cash and fewer resources than ever. This simply isn’t sustainable, and is a huge challenge and barrier to achieving the public… Read more »

GDPR: Addressing myths and alleviating the fear


The General Data Protection Regulation – also known as GDPR – is a data protection regulation that will come into effect across Europe in May 2018. While the regulation has caused some anxiety and worry among European organisations, the intent of the GDPR is to strengthen data protection practices and bring them into the 21st… Read more »

Digital in the DNA: The radical change the public sector now needs


One of the favourite books on my family’s bookshelf is Richard Scarry’s classic What Do People Do All Day? We’ve spent endless bedtimes pouring over the pages and exploring how society works through the illustrations. My children’s curiosity about the grown-up world of jobs, the way communities work together, is matched by my own interest… Read more »