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How to boost the take-up of winter flu jabs

Flu vaccine

Your objective: Increase the take-up of flu jabs It’s that time of year when you (and many other NHS and local government communications teams) need to increase the number of eligible people getting their free flu jab. The problem: Low audience reach and engagement Here’s a scenario which you’re probably familiar with… Winter is coming,… Read more »

Is this open rate good? Email statistics the public sector needs to know

Email marketing statistics

You can’t gauge your success if you can’t measure it to begin with. Fortunately, the modern digital world of comms is one awash with numbers. Let’s focus on email marketing-communications, since email remains kingpin of the marketing mix (and it’s what we know best). You’ve got open rates, engagement rates, click rates, subscription rates –… Read more »

Why fire and rescue services must make better use of email now

Fire and rescue

In order to engage people (at scale) in public programmes and services, and in challenging and emergency circumstances, organisations must ensure they have a robust and effective public engagement strategy. Sounds obvious – and by the way, the intention here certainly is not to patronise anyone – we know you’re super smart and preparing for… Read more »