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Designed exclusively for the public sector

More than 300 public sector organisations in the UK have chosen Granicus to help increase subscriber growth in order to reach and engage with their audiences. Our govDelivery solution makes it easy for you to create email marketing campaigns, bulletins and newsletters – so that you can send information, news and alerts to subscribers by topic of interest.

Email marketing, campaigns and engagement

We have over 13 million people subscribed to receive email updates from UK public sector organisations using our govDelivery solution for email marketing campaigns and email newsletters. Extend your reach and connect to a larger audience.

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Digital engagement services

In the face of rising public expectations the public sector must provide more targeted engagement. We can support your top challenges and goals by operating as an extension of your team to create digital campaigns that engage your audience and deliver your outcomes.

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Versatile solutions for public sector organisations

Granicus solutions are purpose-built for the public sector. Our platform provides the infrastructure, scale, reliability and security relied on by thousands of government agencies and public organisations worldwide to empower service leaders to accelerate service transformation and modernise digital services to the cloud – all at lower operating costs.


UK government departments are taking advantage of the Granicus Network to reach millions of citizens and businesses and are using govDelivery to reach and engage subscribers through our secure and GDPR compliant email platform.


Over 100 UK local authorities use Granicus to grow their email subscriber lists to connect the council with large proportions of their population using campaigns and email marketing to help engage residents, make cost savings, generate income and change behaviour.

Healthcare and emergency services

NHS and healthcare organisations, police forces and fire and rescue services across the UK are using Granicus and our email marketing and campaigns solution for community engagement to improve health, help save lives and provide vital public services.

Trusted by 300 UK public sector organisations

The Proof is in the Numbers

Over 13 million UK subscribers receive vital, time-sensitive public sector information through Granicus. Our powerful Network supports immediate audience growth for our customers.

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We send 10 messages every second to subscribers across the UK
North Lanarkshire Council

“Email communication is at the heart of our efforts to grow an online audience, with govDelivery bulletins now one of the top sources of traffic to our website. Growth is unprecedented. We soon expect to have more email subscribers than followers on our Facebook and Twitter pages combined.”

Mark Barbieri, Digital MedIa Officer
Mark Barbieri, Digital MedIa Officer
Bradford Metropolitan District Council

“We’re using a much wider range of channels to communicate now – social media, email, broadcast, print and face to face all have a part to play. It’s clear people feel better supported, much more in control and able to play their part in their and the communities’ resilience as a result.”

Kersten England, Chief Executive of City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Kersten England, Chief Executive of City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Met Office

"We were able to attract new audiences through strategic placement in the Granicus Network, giving us a means to immediately inform thousands more people of severe weather in their area, helping them to plan ahead and keep themselves and their loved ones safe."

Lisa Martin, Senior Marketing Manager
Lisa Martin, Senior Marketing Manager
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

"This has been an extremely powerful intervention for a low cost measure - it has transformed the way our small business customers interact with us."

Gareth Jones, Digital Design and Product Team Lead
Gareth Jones, Digital Design and Product Team Lead
London Borough of Havering

"With the help of Granicus, we reach out to more than 55,000 people, keeping them informed on the things they want to know about. The exponential rate of subscription shows it’s working, while giving the Council a cost-effective way of engaging with residents."

Sunita Patel, External Relations Manager
Sunita Patel, External Relations Manager